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American Pokemon Adventure p7
Chapter 7:  Trouble at Mt. Moon
Or, It Belongs in a Museum!
        We find Jed and Erin heading for Mt. Moon in a hurry to warn Pewter City Gym Leader Brock's friend, Ross, about Team Rocket's presence there.  They were walking up a long, uphill path.  The path led into the large, cavernous tunnels of Mt. Moon.  The sunlight didn't shine in very far, so they had to turn on the lanterns they had bought at the Pokemon Center.  The tunnel led into a very big cavern, with two paths.  "This place is huge!" Jed said, looking up at the stalactites.
"Yeah, which way should we go?" Erin asked, when all of a sudden, there was a zubat right in front of them.
"Ah!  Get off me!" Jed shouted as he shoved it away.  They tried to investigate which way was best to go, but then another zubat, and another kept on coming.  "We can't even walk around in here with all these zuba
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American Pokemon Adventure p6
Chapter 6:  On the Slopes of Mt. Moon
It was a beautiful dawn, with dew still on the grass, and it wouldn't dry up for hours while it was underneath the shadow of Mt Moon.  In these early hours, one could see groups of oddish planting themselves in the ground, onix waking up to start their day, and zubats making their way back to the caves…
But today, one could also see two trucks, and eleven people dressed in black assembling outside one cave entrance.  Nine of them were lined up, and two more speaking to them.  The nine wore black workers' hats and masks to conceal their identities.  "Alright, listen up!" a male voice said.  "This here's a big, quiet operation." He pointed to five on the left.  "I want you guys to dig for fossils in the caverns.  Use these pokemon for digging…" he said as he handed each of them a pokeball, and then another "…and these to defend yourselves in case you run in
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American Pokemon Adventure p5
Chapter 5:  Jed's first gym battle, or how does a giant rock-dragon get damaged by vines and water?
Before starting this chapter, I want to clarify that I have decided that this story will take place about a year before Ash begins his journey, so Brock is still the leader of the Pewter City Gym.
We find Jed and Erin having breakfast at the Pewter City pokemon center.  While they were eating, they watched an intense battle between a Nidoking and a Victreebell on the TV screen.  But when the camera zoomed out, Jed noticed something very unusual.  "Wait a minute…that looks like the 49'ers stadium!"
"The who?" Erin asked.
"The San Francisco 49'ers!  That Battle's in America!"
Nurse Joy had overheard their conversation and came over to explain.  "That's right.  It's the First Annual Pokemon League World Tour, where Pokemon League trainers and officials have promotional matches in cities around the world!"
"Wow, I nev
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Ross by Jed101 Ross :iconjed101:Jed101 2 0
American Pokemon Adventure p4
Chapter 4:  Lost in the woods, or what trip through Viridian Forest is complete without being chased by a swarm of beedrills?
  We find Jed and Erin walking in Viridian Forest at mid-morning, and they are just about to realize something important…
Erin was visibly irritated, and then bursted out:  Mmmmmmmph…WE'RE LOST!"
"I thought you had the map!"
"I do…" and she pulled out the map.  "…but all it shows are the main routes around Kanto, it doesn't show the forest in any detail!"
"Uh-oh…"  Jed tried to think of something, when suddenly Eevee's ears picked up something.  She looked around, catching the sound again, and started to walk off.
"Hey Eevee, where are you going?"  Erin asked.
Eevee didn't stop, and they ran after her.  She led them down a path deeper into the forest, where the tree cover grew thicker.  "Eevee!  Stop!" Erin commanded.  Eevee then
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American Pokemon Adventure p3
Chapter 3:  Viridian Forest, or Leech Seed seems a lot more powerful in the Anime
We join our heroes at Erin's house on a beautiful morning after a nice day of rest and recovery from the battle at the Pokemon Center.  Erin's parents were impressed that a foreigner was starting a pokemon journey.  Breakfast was being prepared, and the trainers had their pokemon out in the kitchen waiting patiently.
Bulbasaur was lying down by the glass door, looking like he was still sleeping, while everyone else was sitting right by the table, even Erin's Eevee.  "Hey, Bulbasaur, don't you want to eat with the rest of us?"  Jed asked.
"Actually, Bulbasaur is eating in a way…" Erin's mother answered.  "…Bulbasaurs are able to photosynthesize while absorbing sunlight, and that's one of the reasons it's so hard to classify them as plant or animal pokemon!"
"Oh, so you're happy just where you are, aren't you?"
"Bulba-saur!" he replied ch
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American Pokemon Adventure p2
Chapter 2.  Jed meets Erin, and when pokemon are on the DL, fists will just have to do!
We return to Jed at the beginning of his pokemon journey.  He began his journey with Bulbasaur, and had just caught a wayward Koffing on the way to Viridian City.  Now Jed and Bulbasaur continue on their way…
Jed and Bulbasaur were walking up route 1, almost certain that Viridian city would be in their sights.  "Not too long now, then we'll get you to a pokemon center and we can eat up!"
They saw a pond about a hundred yards to the left, and weren't expecting anything, when an Eevee came out of the tall grass, making a sweet greeting sound.  It was certainly different from all the pidgeys and ratattas around here.  "What the-" Jed pulled out his pokedex.
"Eevee:  The evolution pokemon.  Its genetic code is highly irregular.  It may evolve into one of several forms depending on stimuli. 
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Jed and Erin by Jed101 Jed and Erin :iconjed101:Jed101 0 7
American Pokemon Adventure p1
An American Pokemon Adventure
Chapter 1
Jed had finally turned 16.  Back home in America, he would have been itching his way through breakfast just to get to the DMV to get his Learner's permit.  But here, in Pallet Town, Kanto, Yukamcha, things were a little bit different.  At age 16, in Yukamcha, if they want to, young adults can get their Pokemon License, officially making them pokemon trainers.  Jed got himself up bright and early when his mom brought in a cup of coffee for him, as he was a typical 16 year old and didn't get up early easily.  After getting dressed, he headed right over to Professor Oak's lab to get his very first pokemon.
Only this was far from the best day to start a pokemon journey.  The previous afternoon, all through the night, a storm with hurricane force winds blew in from the south, soaking the whole town, bringing waves in from the shore, and knocking over mailboxes, signs, fences, and even some tr
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A Pokemon fanfic promo
An American Pokemon Adventure:  Initial ideas
Hi, this is the first fan-fiction of anything that I have ever written, and bear in mind that I may lose interest and this whole thing might be over before it gets started.  But, assuming that I do find the time to write this story, or at least some parts of it, here is some basic background information for my pokemon story.  This will be a story about an American teenager and his journey through the world of pokemon.
Setting:  There are several ideas about where the Pokemon franchise takes place.  There have been numerous parallels drawn between the various regions of the series and different regions of Japan.  Others say it takes place in a completely fictional country of ambiguous geography.  Some take it further and suggest that it takes place on a fictional planet.  The bottom line is that it was a kid's show, and the writers did not feel the need to put As
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Random Favourites

Staring Contest by weirdnwild91 Staring Contest :iconweirdnwild91:weirdnwild91 23 77 Chuck Norris Pokemon Card by zaku40 Chuck Norris Pokemon Card :iconzaku40:zaku40 86 36
Pokemon Story Ch. 4
Renee woke up at four in the morning. She got up, brushed her hair, got dressed, and brushed her teeth. She was acting like a Mexican jumping bean all through breakfast.
"Wow," said her mom, "You're going crazy, Renee!"
"Why not?" asked Renee, " I'm getting my first Pokemon today, remember?"
"Oh, yes, that is one of the most important things that will ever happen in your lifetime."
Renee ran out the door, only to find herself face to face with Izzy.
"Renee!" Izzy cried.
"He's at my house now!!!"
"Then what are we waiting for?!"
The two girls ran to Izzy's house.
"They're here." said Nick's calm voice.
"Come in, girls!" cried Izzy's mom.
Izzy and Renee walked through the hallway and into Izzy's living room.
"I am going to take you three to my laboratory." said the professor.
"Okay." Izzy, Renee and Nick said in unison.
The four of them jumped into the car. It was a quiet drive.
When they were nearing Sandgem town, the professor started to
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dr octagonapus card by eeveegirl456 dr octagonapus card :iconeeveegirl456:eeveegirl456 38 12 Weezing used Smog... by meteored Weezing used Smog... :iconmeteored:meteored 40 25 Weezing by Spikeh-Kirby Weezing :iconspikeh-kirby:Spikeh-Kirby 9 0 Venusaur by RacieB Venusaur :iconracieb:RacieB 187 65 Team Awesome by NasokaKewe Team Awesome :iconnasokakewe:NasokaKewe 21 6 Turtle Pokemon by Tetsubo Turtle Pokemon :icontetsubo:Tetsubo 138 87 No. 324 - Torkoal by GnooroopoftheGerudo No. 324 - Torkoal :icongnooroopofthegerudo:GnooroopoftheGerudo 103 28 A Gliding Fear... by JoshuaDunlop A Gliding Fear... :iconjoshuadunlop:JoshuaDunlop 348 93 Friends at the Beach by pettyartist Friends at the Beach :iconpettyartist:pettyartist 88 16
Pokemon: Interventionists prlg
In the late 21st century, a new world was discovered... the world of the Pokemon. Through interstellar teleportation, Earth sent it's best and brightest to scour the new world, and promptly stumbled upon the highly surprised inhabitants. They were welcomed greatly, but even a warm welcome wasn't enough to keep the peace there forever, nor allow the criminals of the pokemon world to go unnoticed. Some time after the people of Earth discover the Pokemon world, Earth realizes how uncontrolled criminality and the pokemon "teams" are in the other world, despite seemingly peaceful prosperity. They also take into account the amount of deaths of sentient lifeforms (humans and pokemon) due to these unlawful activities and how much it affects society, as some communities are greatly intimidated by acts of terrorism and brutality from the same. Earth's first response was to take a humanitarian approach, which required much security. And so, the U.S. lead the way in the U.N. (as usual) in training
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KOFFI- by Go-Outside KOFFI- :icongo-outside:Go-Outside 817 81 KOFFING IS AWESOME by SamKalensky KOFFING IS AWESOME :iconsamkalensky:SamKalensky 320 65




There are some issues with putting the pokemon world into our world, and in my case putting a whole new island chain in the North Pacific, but I think the potential it has far outweighs any problems.  First, it brings international attention to the pokemon league, or at least emerging international attention with foreigners trying to compete.

It also gives villainous groups like Team Rocket a more coherent role.  Not only are they involved in stealing pokemon and conducting experiments for supposed world domination, but they're exporting pokemon (something I have decided is a highly illegal act), and getting their hands in every illegal trade in the world (drugs, etc.), so they can be a real international crime syndicate, and leaving Giovanni living comfortably in a mansion(one of several) and virtually untouchable.

Also, in this story, at the bottom of the Team Rocket pyramid there are two kinds of grunts: full-time, aspiring agents, and part-time, hired labor.  And its very easy to tell the difference, though they're both essentially disposable henchmen.


I'm sure everyone interested in Pokemon knows about the Jinx controversy, and have also heard the arguments about Ludicolo possibly being racist as well.  One site… argues that it really comes down to the fact that no one has been complaining about Ludicolo.  But I'd say the whole thing might be backwards.  While Jynx may have been based on negative racial stereotypes,* those images are all very dated.  Live action and animated images of people in blackface and other such negative images have been off the airwaves for decades before any of us were born.  On the other hand, any 21st century child can look at Lombre and Ludicolo and clearly understand that these are depictions of Mexicans, not to mention the characters of the day in episodes featuring these pokemon are obviously based on Mexicans.  So if either of them should be banned, it should be Ludicolo.

Do I think that any of these characters should be banned?  No.  I don't think cartoons will mess up kids and their perception of different people.  If your kid grows up to join the KKK, it's your fault, not Japanese animators.

Now if any cartoon messed me up as a kid, it was probably Tin Tin: non-Western countries are full of people trying to kill you.



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